Magazines & Newspapers

Career highlights (so far) include cover story scores for feature profiles and service journalism with some of Canada’s most popular magazines; Canadian National Magazine award. I thrive when I can dig deep into research and interviews for feature profiles, service journalism or arts reviews.

Areas of specialty include: Lifestyle, education and the humanities; road trips and canoeing; birding, gardening and games.

Copywriting and Content

Copywriting refers to writing created for sales and marketing media and is action-driven, promoting an event, sale or service. Think website ads, brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters and e-mail blasts.

Content is everything else, including engaging, informational, entertaining and educational content for any blogs, website landing pages, annual reports, presentations and everything else.

The names don’t really matter, but a writer may use these to help you focus on your needs and goals.

Copy & Branding

Brainstorming = brilliance. Whatever your need, I work with clients to create copy for brochures, newsletters, press releases, sales and marketing copy, profile bios or social media posts. Whether independent businesses, or provincial and federal agencies, copy and content no assignment is too big or small and I specialize in quick turnarounds. I also love branding and taglines for start-up businesses, target markets or new product lines.

Television Production

As a producer, scriptwriter, researcher, talent wrangler and location scout, I’ve worked on over 50 television series producing lifestyle and information series, dramatic re-enactment, factual, corporate and educational programming, shooting in studio and in the field. I also do series develop from a basic concept for pitching major broadcasters (Mike Holmes, Bryan Bauemler, Peter Fallico and more.

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